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It all began with a pushcart.


After years of working for a paani-puri vendor, Kuppuram Naidu saved enough to set up a chaat cart in the eighties in the far flung suburb of Basaveshwar Nagar in Bengaluru. His sons, Gokul and Sarvan, would turn up at the cart after school to help their father, and in between preparing chaat, serving customers and doing the dishes, catch up on their homework under street lights. The years passed, Gokul became an engineer, his brother a cost accountant. Unable to find a suitable job though, Gokul turned back to his father’s trade, and aided by his brother, has transformed the cart to a food truck. And not just any food truck, this engineer and cost accountant duo have aspirations to be the most hygienic street food operation serving authentic chaats! Made to the age-old recipes of their father who has since retired to farming, and with almost every component of the chaat prepared by them with the assistance of their mother, Shanthi Kuppuram.

From the typical push cart to chats truck, the brand is now seeing a good revenue and has received good response from customers.

“When I started my business, people questioned my choice of domain and what was a highly-educated person doing in a traditional field like this. But I was strong headed in my dream of making this business a success and a professionally run venture, and I am still working towards my goal,” says Gokul Kuppuram. 


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